Backyard Pond Guide

For A Great Backyard Pond!

Why A Pond?

Here are 3 good reasons why you might like a backyard pond…

Reason One

Peace and tranquility. Having a backyard pond is very relaxing to sit by and enjoy. The flowers, fish, and the running water helps you feel good.

Reason Two

It gives you a great project to work on that you can be proud of. It’s just not the initial making of your pond, but also the upkeep of it. It’s enjoyable!

Reason Three

You can get creative and make your backyard pond just the way you want it. There’s no limitation to what you can do with it. It’s fun year after year.

Some Pond Pictures

Here are some pictures of Backyard Ponds. Maybe you can get some good ideas for your own pond.


  1. Bob

    Hi, this is Bob.

    Feel free to ask me questions about your pond, I’d be happy to answer.

  2. catherine

    Hi – I want to build an above ground pond using wood. Rectangle or square shape, 4 feet depth and about 2500-3000 gallons. what do you recommend.

    • Bob

      Hi Catherine,

      I honestly have never made a pond out of wood. However, someone sent me a picture of their pond that they made out of wood. Check it out. Good luck to you with your pond. Bob

      A small pond made with wood.


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