Month: February 2018

Construction 12 – Final Random Thoughts

 Closing Thoughts Here are some other things to take into consideration if you’re going to have a backyard pond. My Random Final Thoughts This is just some general information that might be useful once your pond is completed. Really no particular order, just off the top of my head. If you have fish in your pond, you shouldn’t feed them once the water temperature falls below 50 degrees and you’re heading toward winter. At the other end of the seasonal spectrum, in the spring, don’t feed them until the water temperature reaches 50 degrees. You can see here...

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Construction 11 – Pond Filters

 The Water Filter A great kind of water filter is one that just rests on the bottom of your pond. Pond Water Filter The pond filter is a key ingredient to a clean and healthy pond. It is a little bio system that traps and processes pond debris. Your filter should have sufficient surface area to support a bacterial population large enough to neutralize nitrogenous waste. Basically that just means that you need enough area in your filter to have plenty of “good” bacteria to take care of the waste from the fish. So, the main requirement of...

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Construction 10 – UV Filter

 The UV Water Filter You can get clear pond water by using a UV filter light. See how. UV Filter This piece of equipment makes having nice clear water in your pond so much easier. UV filters, or UV lights, whichever you prefer to call them, are a necessity for a clean pond. Used in conjunction with a pump and water filter, the UV lights main duty is to destroy the algae in your pond. The dead algae are then collected by the pond water filter and are easily rinsed out of the pond filter media by means...

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Construction 9 – Pond Pump

 Pond Pumps The pond pump is the workhorse of your pond. It moves the water around 24/7. You will want a good one. The Pond Pump People make recommendations based on personal experience. So, I would like to recommend “Mag Pumps” made by Danner Pondmaster. These are magnetically driven pumps, contain few parts, and consume less electricity than some other types. Consequently, fewer problems. These pumps just keep going, and going, and going……..!. Of course I can’t make the claim that they “never break”, but we had ours for many, many years and they always worked without a...

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Construction 8 – Pond Liner

 The Pond Liner The pond liner is one of the most important parts of your backyard pond. EPDM Pond Liner Firestone Pondguard 45-mil Rubber EPDM Pond Liner This is a closer look at EPDM pond liner. First you may wonder what the ’45-mil” means. If you take 15 or 16 sheets of notebook paper and stack them together it will give you a pretty good approximation of the thickness of this liner. Now you can see why apiece big enough to line a pond is going to be pretty heavy and why I suggested in an earlier article...

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