Author: Bob Dorrance

Construction 7 – Something Fishy Here

 Colorful Fish Adding colorful fish to your pond will amaze you and your neighbors. Something Fishy Here Let’s talk fish for a bit. If you want a truly lively pond, fish are the way to go. Start with a few and soon you’ll have a school! Well, maybe not that many, but they do multiply. In our pond we had Koi, Comets, and Shubunkins. Of these, the Koi are the largest and definitely the fastest growing. In fact sometimes you may wonder if they’re going to stop growing. When we bought our first Koi, it was about three...

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Construction 6 – Life On The Inside

 The Importance Of Pond Plants The pond plants you put inside your pond makes it quite interesting. Let’s have a look. Life On The Inside This part is still somewhat about the cosmetics, but there’s some more important stuff involved than just looks once you get inside the pond. In other words, we’re getting more into the workings of this little Eco system. In a previous article, when we were discussing pond construction, we talked about the “ledge most of the way around the perimeter of the hole, about six to twelve inches down from the top and...

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Construction 5 – Life On The Edges

 Along The Edges Of Your Pond Some tips and tricks to make the exterior of your pond look awesome. Life On The Edges Here’s where your creative instincts kick in. This is where you make your pond your own. Basically, it’s landscaping, but with a pond it can really become an artistic endeavor. Sandstone, bricks, slate, field stone, crushed bricks, stream pebbles, mulch, you name it. Let your imagination be your guide. And that’s just the beginning. Once you get a base down then you can start thinking about how you want to work in flowers, and plants....

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Welcome To Hi, and welcome to My name is Bob Dorrance, owner and creator of this website. As a person who had a backyard pond for almost twenty years, I’m pretty sure I can lead you in the right direction if you’re interested in having your own backyard pond. I have since moved and no longer have a pond, but I have to tell you, I do miss it and got a lot of enjoyment from it. Along with my wife, we did all the aspects of having a pond, from digging it, landscaping it, and enjoying...

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Construction 4 – Hooking It All Up

 Hooking Stuff Up This is how we hook stuff up for our backyard pond. It’s not to hard to do. Hooking It All Up REMEMBER THIS: WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX, SO SAFETY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. If you are the least bit uncomfortable working with electrical wiring and devices, then I strongly recommend hiring a qualified electrician. Just one quick story in that regard. Not long after we had our pond up and running my wife decided she was going to put those little twinkle lights around the perimeter. I didn’t feel that was...

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