Author: Bob Dorrance

Construction 3 – Maximum Pond-Minimum Problems

 Parts Of The Puzzle Essential pieces of the puzzle for a great backyard pond. These are the key elements to have for your backyard pond. Great Pond With Very Few Problems Digging the hole and installing the liner was by far the hardest part of this job. Now I’d like to discuss what you’d need to get the maximum benefits from your labors. You will find that there are all sorts of decorative type accessories available for ponds, but what I’m going to list here are the “must have”, items that are absolutely necessary for your pond to...

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Construction 2 – Let The Pond Construction Begin

 Constructing The Pond Pond construction can be a lot of fun, and it gives you a nice workout. (This is a very important section of this tutorial). Pond Construction By now the location of your little lake should be decided. You’ve picked a good spot in your yard where you can see the pond from different places, and it’s near enough to the house so you can see it from a window. This is really part of the fun because you can visualize the landscaping ideas you’ll be incorporating into the pond area once the dig is finished....

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Construction 1 – Pre Dig Considerations

 The Pre Dig A little planning before you start digging goes a long way. Let’s discuss a little bit. Before You Begin – Pre Dig Considerations Logically, the first question you should ask is WHERE? Do you have a huge yard with a lot of trees and shrubs and flowerbeds? In other words what is the present landscape like? Would you prefer your pond in a sunny spot or in the shade? That may not seem too important, but if you should decide to surround your pond with flowers, it becomes very important. It seems (to me at...

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 Planning Stage Try to think where you want your pond and how you want it to look. But don’t think too much because it will probably be quite a bit different when you’re done. Planning Helps A Lot A little planning now will make things easier once the construction starts. I’ll give you some pointers about the different aspects of pond building that have worked for me. I’ve done a great deal of the “trial and error” stuff and hopefully, sharing my experiences in this regard will save you some time and effort. There are a number of...

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 Pond Blog Following this blog will give you the steps to take as you plan, and many pointers along the way. Please take advantage of them. Nature At Work I must tell you, building a pond is a great experience that you will love for years and years, and since it is a creative endeavor, you really can put your own signature on it. Following this blog will give you the steps to take as you plan, and many pointers along the way. Use your imagination and try different things to make it just the way you want...

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