Fish are good to have in your pond.

Best Backyard Pond Supplies To Use

Let's talk a little about what you need for your pond.

About Backyard Pond Supplies

The first being supplies and equipment you really should have for your pond and the second section for non-essential secondary pond accessories.  If you’re able to get all of these pond supplies and accessories, you can have one amazing pond.

There’s not a lot of pond supplies that you need to have, however the ones you need are very important. Find what you need below.  Please remember that these are what I recommend that you have based on my past experiences with a pond, however, nothing is written in stone, and you should only get what you think is best.  Just have some fun and make it how you want it.

Must Have Backyard Pond Supplies

1.  A Good Backyard Pond Liner – This is your foundation for a great pond.  You want something that is strong and durable.  Believe me when I say, you would hate to wake up and see your pond drained because it developed a hole somehow.  I would rank this as the number one backyard pond supply that you shouldn’t cut corners on.  It’s just too important! Believe me, I learned the hard way when my first pond leaked because I used some plain old plastic which I triple layered.
Click here to see my recommended Backyard Pond Liner

2.  Pond Water Pump – The water pump is used to circulate the water through your pond filter and also used for your water features, such as a waterfall.  I’ve had nothing but good luck with a submersible pond pump over the years.  They’re strong and reliable and the best part about them is you don’t see them because they actually go into your pond and out of sight.
Click here to see my recommended Pond Water Pumps

3.  Pond Filter – This pond supply is important especially if you are going to have fish in your pond.  Pond filters get the larger debris out of your pond.  They come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges.  It’s amazing how much debris a pond filter will catch over the course of a season.
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4.  Ultra Violet Pond Filter (UV Filter) – This single piece of equipment is the key to having nice clear water.  As the water passes through the UV Filter, it kills the algae that causes green pond water.  Having one of these will get your pond nice and clear before you know it.  Without an Ultra Violet Pond Filter, your water will get green.
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5.  Backyard Pond Plants – Pond plants are a necessary part of having a great looking pond.  They serve a couple of purposes.  1. They add looks and beauty to your pond, and 2.  They help filter your water while adding shade and protection for your fish among other things.
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Optional Backyard Pond Supplies

These are your optional supplies you may want to consider getting.

1.  Fish – I can’t imagine having a pond without fish.  Having fish in your pond makes it really fun to have.  Everyone will always comment about your fish.  They live a long time and all you have to do is feed them.  Some of the best fish for your pond include Koi, Comets, and Shubunkins.

2.  Fish Food – Your fish have to eat too.  They love the fish food made by Tetra.  They also like frozen peas, watermelon, and Cheerios.

3.  Pond Lighting – Lights in and around your pond give off a special nuance to your pond.  They give your pond that “special” look at night.  Don’t over do it.

4.  Decorations – Neat things to put around your pond.  There are hundreds of things to put around your pond.  Again, don’t over do it.

5.  Small Air Pump – Add a small air pump with an air stone attached to it to help aerate your pond water.

6.  Skimmer – Easily get leaves and debris from the surface of your pond without worrying about falling in.

In Closing

These are the backyard pond supplies that I recommend you have for your pond.  Be sure to click on the recommended links for each product to see what’s best for you.  Bob


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Homemade Pond Filter
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Pond Filter Media
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