Planning Stage

Try to think where you want your pond and how you want it to look. But don’t think too much because it will probably be quite a bit different when you’re done.

Planning Helps A Lot

A little planning now will make things easier once the construction starts. I’ll give you some pointers about the different aspects of pond building that have worked for me. I’ve done a great deal of the “trial and error” stuff and hopefully, sharing my experiences in this regard will save you some time and effort.

There are a number of sites on the internet that will tell you about all the things you “need” to do this or that during the project, but if there is one thing I’m big on, it’s “keeping it simple”.

Naturally, building a pond from scratch requires a good deal of physical work, particularly the digging part. My son and I managed that part of the job with shovels and sweat, we moved quite a bit of dirt. Our part of the country is mostly clay so we managed to burn a few extra calories.

If you are physically unable to do this kind of work, then maybe hiring a friend or neighbor or strong relative will be the answer. That way too, you can sit in your lawn chair, supervise the dig, and bring refreshments when needed.

It might be best to read as much of this blog as you can before you begin because hearing about the experiences of others will tend to get your imagination going and get you thinking about what touches and features you might like to incorporate into your own pond. In other words, it will help you develop your game plan.

And, finally, if you run into any problems during the job, you can visit this Website, look through the articles, or email me and I will be happy to answer any questions. Bob

Take Time To Think About Your New Pond

An elegant small backyard pond.