Homemade Pond Filter

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Let Me Introduce My Homemade Pond Filter

With this homemade pond filter, what I like to call “the bucket filter” you’ll be able to filter your pond with ease, and the best part, it works great.

Homemade Pond Filter

This is a picture of my Homemade Pond Filter.

Hi, this is Bob, owner of Backyard-Pond-Guide.com, and this is my sales pitch.  Yea right! I’m definitely not a salesman, however I would like to tell you about this homemade pond filter I’ve developed and tested.  The results are in, I love it, my wife loves it (thank goodness), and all the other people I’ve made one for are really happy with it also.  So now I’m going to roll it out to you.

If you want a pond filter for your pond in the backyard that works great and is easy on your wallet, then please continue reading this page and let me tell you about this homemade pond filter.

I made my first one several years ago for our 3000 gallon pond.  My wife and I tried a couple other pond filters, but for one reason or another we just weren’t happy with them, and for the price we paid for them, we felt very let down.  So I took action and came up with this idea of my own filter. I’m glad I did, it does the job.

Let’s See This Homemade Pond Filter It In Action
I don’t want to just talk about this… let me show you.  Below are some examples of how well this filter works.  I figured that you’re going to want to see some results, so let me show you.  Below are some pictures that were taken on April 10 and 11, 2005.

Homemade Pond Filter: Click On Each Picture Below To Enlarge


As I think you can see, this homemade pond filter has really done the job. As of this writing April 17, 2005, we can just about see the bottom of the pond.  It gets clearer and clearer each day.  Simply attach a water pump (not included) and set it on the bottom of your pond.

Update: By the way, we’ll be going into the 2012 pond season soon and will still be using this homemade pond filter.  It works great!  (Side Note:) 2012 was the last year that we had our pond because we moved.  We left the filter with the pond so it can be used for many more years by the people who inherited it from us.

Homemade Pond Filter Specs:
Height = 13 1/4 inches
Width = 11 1/4 inches (Top)
Holds one 8″ x 1″ x 12′ piece of pond filter media (rolled up), 1 roll is included with the filter.
We use this for our 3000 gallon pond, I’m sure it would work well at up to 5000 gallons.

No Fuss
This filter will come to you completely assembled with the proper 3/4 inch fitting, ready to hook up.  This filter is maintenance free and comes with a complete 2 year guarantee.  If it should break, I’ll replace it for you.  Simple instructions on how to properly hook it up to your water pump will be provided.  I think you’ll love how easy it is to set up this filter, and you’ll love it even more, when you see the results.

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This
If you want a filter that does what it’s suppose to do, is easy to set up, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then this is the filter for you.  When you get it, take it out of the box, hook the tube from your water pump to it, insert the pond filter media, and sink it to the bottom of your pond.  That’s it!

If your pond is really murky, the filter media will need to be cleaned or changed a little more often, however, when you get it under control, changing of the filter media becomes a lot less frequent, and you shouldn’t, because it also acts as a bio filter.  Just enjoy your pond.  As I said there is no assembly required, it will be ready to go out of the box.  I will also send you complete instructions on how to properly connect it to your water pump.  I will also give you any e-mail support you may need, or just answer any questions you may have about your pond.  It’s my reputation, and I’m here to help you.  Also see other pond articles on this site to learn more about what you can do to have a clean, healthy pond.  Having this homemade pond filter is just one of the things you must have if you want that beautiful pond.

Satisfaction Guarantee
If I didn’t feel that this is a quality product, I wouldn’t put my name out on a limb and sell it.  I feel very confident about this filter, it’s been time-tested, if you get one and don’t like it for any reason, just send it back unused, and I will gladly refund your money.  As I said earlier, I offer a full 2 year product guarantee, if it breaks, I’ll replace it, simple as that.

Please Note:
This filter is designed to work with pumps that have hose fittings for both the INTAKE and the OUTLET sides of the pump.  It is not designed to work with “sump type” pumps that have the intake side built into the bottom housing of the pump.

Below is a picture of my homemade pond filter.

Homemade Pond Filter before and after picture.

This is a before and after picture of my homemade pond filter in use.

A Couple Testimonials…

Just wanted to email you that we absolutely LOVE the new filter system!  We were getting ready to spend over $1,000 to try to get our four-year-old fish pond clear.  We’ve been fighting with the debris and algae all these years and were about to give in to spending a lot of money to attempt to fix the problem when we saw your website and thought we’d give your filter system a try.  Boy are we glad we did!!  It took one afternoon to clear up the pond, and we would take a broom and stir up the contents that had settled to the bottom every hour or two…your filter cleared it all away!  We love being able to see the bottom of the pond, and the fish are clearly visible.  Thanks for such a wonderful, and simple to maintain, product!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken and Debbie

Mr Bob,
I always give something a little time before I comment on it and I just wanted to tell you that your filter ROCKS!! We use it as mechanical filtration and clean it about every two weeks. in the beginning it was filthy, but the longer we use it the less dirty it gets. We spray off the media and reuse. I’m overstocked with koi (we are expanding as soon as it cools off in Arizona) and my water is clear, my levels are all great, and I can see over four feet down. I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with it and to say a huge thank you!!


I would like to take this time to thank everyone who purchased my Homemade Pond Filter over the years.  I hope you’re getting a lot of good use out of it.  Below are a couple pond filters that work similar to what my filter did only these are flat.  These will rest on the bottom of your pond.  They really are ideal for ponds that are not very deep.  Just click on the little “Shop Now” icon on the pictures for more information.  Again everyone, THANK YOU!

Pondmaster PM-1000

This is the Pondmaster PM-1000.


Pondmaster PM-2000

This is the Pondmaster PM-2000.

These Pondmaster filters are inexpensive and are ideal for small to medium size ponds.  I hope you will find them useful for your application.  Good luck with your pond.  Bob