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So what’s Let me explain.

Tips & Tricks For Your Own Great Backyard Pond

Welcome to

Hi, my name is Bob Dorrance, developer, webmaster, and owner of

My wife and I had a pond for about 19 years, we really got a lot of enjoyment from it.  We no longer have it because we moved and you just can’t take a pond with you.

We’ve learned quite a bit over the years and would like to pass some of our knowledge to you.  I hope to be able to offer you some tips and tricks you can use in the making and use of your pond to get as much enjoyment as we had over the time we had our backyard pond.


Your Own Piece Of Nature

You’ll find that you’ll get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from your pond, it’s your own little piece of nature in your backyard or where ever you want to have it.



My Mission

All I’d like to do is share the information about having a pond. From building it to taking care of it and everything in between. I truly believe you’ll get a ton of enjoyment from it and feel a great sense of pride. I hope you take a look around. Bob