Firestone Pondguard 45-mil Rubber EPDM Pond Liner

This is a closer look at EPDM pond liner. First you may wonder what the ’45-mil” means. If you take 15 or 16 sheets of notebook paper and stack them together it will give you a pretty good approximation of the thickness of this liner. Now you can see why apiece big enough to line a pond is going to be pretty heavy and why I suggested in an earlier article that it was really a two-man job to install. Besides being thick, it’s tough and very hard to puncture. This is the first place in your pond project to use quality material.

The liner is black, which is the ideal background color for the pond bottom. If you used a light color liner, then items on the bottom, such as pumps, filters, plant pots, etc. will stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. This liner has outstanding resistance to ultra violet radiation and remains flexible year round. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society for Testing and Material have tested it and it meets their requirements in regard to the safety of fish and aquatic plants. The material is maintenance free and carries a twenty-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Granted, this material is not as cheap as plastic, but the liner is definitely one place you don’t want to cut corners.