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The Importance Of A Pond Filter

The pond filter is a key ingredient to a clean and healthy pond. It is a little bio system that traps and processes pond debris. Your filter should have sufficient surface area to support a bacterial population large enough to neutralize nitrogenous waste. Basically that just means that you need enough area in your filter to have plenty of “good” bacteria to take care of the waste from the fish.

So, the main requirement of a basic pond filter is area. The more available area, the better it will work. A good kind of filter to have for your pond is one that will rest on the bottom. The one pictured below does a very good job at filtering out the larger particles that accumulate. You just simply rinse or replace the filter media every so often.

The filter is hooked to your water pump so you know when your water pump is running slower you know that it’s time to rinse or change the filter media.

Unless you have some kind of gigantic backyard pond, one of these that you see on this website is perfect for your pond. As I said at the beginning introduction article, I’m all about trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Danner Pond Filter

Pictured above is a Danner Flat Pond Filter. This would rest on the bottom your pond and be hooked to a water pump.

Make Your Own Filter For Your Backyard Pond

It’s really not too difficult. I use to make homemade pond filters, now, I just don’t have the time.

Basically what you want to accomplish with a homemade pond filter is to have an area of filter media that you can flow your pond water through. I used two buckets, the top bucket contains the filter media and the bottom bucket that controlls the flow of water by being attached to a water pump. Below is a picture of it.

Homemade Pond Filter

Below is a before and after picture of my homemade pond filter after is was in the pond for a short time.

Picture of before and after pond filter.

I am going to go into a full detail post about how to make your own homemade pond filter. It works really great! Be on the lookout for it. Next, some final thoughts about a backyard pond. Talk to you later. Bob