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Offering you free tips & tricks for a great backyard pond.

Your Piece Of Nature

Having a backyard pond is like having your own personal piece of nature. From the planning and building stage to the final result, you’ll sit back and say to yourself “I’m so glad I did this.” Ponds have a calming effect, just sitting and watching the fish and to listening to the waterfall will make you feel great.

Before You Start

Before you begin this project of a backyard pond, I highly suggest you plan a few things before you get to far ahead of yourself. Timely planning and doing things the right way can save you valuable time and energy. I recommend that you at least visit my blog posts under the “construction” category.

Genuine Useful Information

The information I provide to you is real. It’s not something just made up, it’s what my real experiences were with making and having a pond. I try to go into every aspect without being overwhelming, to give you the best advice I can for having a great backyard pond.


It’s All Yours

One of the great things about a pond is that it’s all yours. It’s your ideas, your design, and probably your hard work that you’ll put into having it. It’ll be something you’re proud of, along with a great sense of accomplishment.